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  1. Effect of resonant magnetic perturbations on microturbulence in DIII-D pedestal, I. Holod, Z. Lin, S. Taimouradeh, R. Nazikian, D. Spong, and A. Wingen
    Nuclear Fusion 57, 016005 (2017).

GTC related Matlab scripts

GTC input

  • readspdat.m
    Read GTC input splines, spdata.dat files.
  • gtcReadProfile.m
    Reads GTC input profile.dat files, containing density and temperature profiles.
  • gtcWriteProfile.m
    Writes a matlab array or struct into GTC input file format.
  • gtcFlattenProf.m
    Reads in a GTC profile.dat and flattens it such that density/temperature gradients don't exceed a user specified limit.

GTC output

  • gtcReadEq.m
    Reads GTC equilibrium.out files, containing 1D and 2D equilibrium data.
  • gtcReadHist.m
    Reads GTC history.out files, containing radially averaged time history.
  • gtcReadRTime.m
    Reads GTC rtime.out files, containing radial vs time plots.