GTC Framework Policy

GTC webpage:

GTC framework leader: Zhihong Lin (;

  1. The current GTC version is shared only among GTC framework collaborators (“current version”). Earlier versions are released to public on GTC webpage (“public release”). The GTC team leader is responsible for version control.
  2. The latest public release (GTC version 3) is distributed under the 3-Clause BSD License. (GTC version 1 and 2 under GPLv3.0 License.)
  3. The current developing version can only be shared with a new collaborator with the consensus of the GTC team leader. Any code modifications by the collaborators should be incorporated into the central current version. No variation or extension to the code name could be made.
  4. All manuscripts using data from the GTC current version should be made available to the GTC team leader for the consultation on the technical interpretation and credit sharing. As a general policy, references should be made to the original GTC publications.
  5. In a paper that GTC is the primary focus with a GTC collaborator as the lead author (first or corresponding author), the lead author is responsible for fair credit sharing. As a general policy, if the lead author utilizes a particular GTC capability for the first time in a new application, the primary developer of that capability should be a co-author.
  6. In a paper that GTC is not the primary focus, the key participating GTC collaborator has the responsibility for fair credit sharing. As a general guideline, the GTC collaborator who directly makes GTC data contribution to the paper should be a co-author.