I have taught physics discussions and labs for a total of 9 quarters (2 years), including:

Physics for non-physics majors

  • •3C: waves and sound; optics; quantum ideas; atomic and nuclear physics; relativity.
  • •3LB: lab, practical applications of electronics and classical physics to biology, including use of oscilloscope and other basic instrumentation
  • •3LC: lab, practical applications of physics to medical imaging, including optics, radioactivity, and acoustics

Physics for physics, physical science, and engineering majors

  • 7C: classical mechanics
  • •7D: electricity and magnetism
  • 7E: fluids; oscillations; waves; and optics•
  • 7LC: physics tutorial related to content in classical mechanics•
  • 7LD: physics tutorial and experiments related to content in electrodynamics

General Education Physics Classes

  • 12: introduction to fundamental physics principles, the scientific process, and the mathematical language of science; analysis of topics drawn from superhero works, science fiction, and current science news to teach distinction of science fiction and science fact

Graduate Physics Classes

  • 213B: electromagnetic theory