I have found that every conference, symposium, workshop, or just any type of gathering of researchers in my field have introduced me to a new idea, physics or otherwise, that I may want to implement into one of the codes I develop. However, most of the codes I develop are big and complex, except for PWFA, and all of them are written in FORTRAN, which, while very fast to run, is not necessarily conducive to testing interesting ideas that I’ve just learned about.

PYTHALGORAS (PYTHon-based ALGORithm Analysis Subroutines)

Two-stream instabilityPYTHALGORAS is based on the PWFA code and written in Python. It is intended to be a library of subroutines, easily modifiable with interchangeable functions to test interesting features and algorithms. Some of the benchmarks to be performed are the two-stream instability, Langmuir wave and ion acoustic wave dispersions, and Landau damping. If you are interested, you can download the repository here.

Some of the current code normalization is listed below

T = ω-1p,e; L = c ω-1p,e; q = e; m = me