That's ME. Hi, my name is Calvin K. Lau, and I was a PhD candidate with the UCI plasma theory group led by Prof. Z. Lin. I am now a scientist at TAE Technologies.

For my thesis research, I study microturbulence and transport phenomena in fusion plasmas in FRCs (field-reversed configuration) by developing and applying GTC (our group’s in-house turbulence simulation code) and ANC (a new code I co-develop with Dr. D. Fulton of TAE Technologies). My work on FRC plasmas was funded via the Norman Rostoker Fellowship.

Although my thesis research was focused on fusion plasmas, I have also investigated the physics of ponderomotive acceleration and betatron radiation in astrophysical plasmas with Prof. T. Tajima. We have even worked on solid state plasma acceleration. On the side, I had been working on writing up PYTHALGORAS (a very easily modifiable and readable set of plasma simulation subroutines in Python) for testing interesting physics or numerical models (as well as to help guide new graduate students who may be unfamiliar with computational physics).

The easiest way to reach me is by the e-mail below.

E-mail:  clau (at) tae (dot) edu